The WWF Climate Calculator Has Been Updated - See Below for Instructions on How to Use the New Calculator

This site is no longer in use as the WWF Climate Calculator for the WWF Green Office Network has been updated. If you are a member of the Green Office network, you can log in to the Climate Calculator from My Green Office service. Click to the new calculator here.

Data from the old system will be imported to the new Climate Calculator in the summer of 2021, after the end of the reporting period. Then members will be able to study the annual development of the emissions generated.

WWF Green Office organisations, see The Climate Calculator instructions and Annual Reporting Guidelines.

WWF will also open a new version of the public trial system during spring 2021. Please note that we are not updating calculation basis for this old version of the calculator. 

What is The Climate Calculator?
The Climate Calculator is an WWF Green Office online tool that can be used by your organisation to measure your workplace’s carbon dioxide emissions and consumption, collect data and monitor annual development. The Climate Calculator can be used to study the effect of energy use, procurement, travelling and waste have on greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Climate Calculator calculates your carbon footprint based on the data you enter. In addition to total emissions, you will receive data on the environmental impact of individual employees based on calculations. You will also have access to a summary of the results of the entire Green Office network and your industry after each reporting period.

Submit reports to the Climate Calculator to monitor the impact of your environmental efforts. The reports provide you with valuable information about the carbon footprint of your workplace that can be used to develop the environmental work of your organisation and commit the work community and management to the targets.